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John's Bio
Keys - Drums - Guitars - Vocals - Songwriting

John Dougher is without question the most versatile and talented member of Syster Overload. John’s first love is drums which he started playing at the ripe age of 7! Later he started playing acoustic guitar and you could say he plays it as well as he plays drums. In the past 5 years John has picked up playing keyboards which is what he mainly does for Syster Overload. John also fronts the band using his great vocal range and he also sings backing vocals on mostly every song he doesn’t front. SO…..what doesn’t John do?
As stated in Ronnie’s bio John’s first full time band was Araby back in the late 70’s. John later went on to play with Kings and Queens which led to some studio work and should have led to a record deal but…….shit happens! John then played for Aura when Aura was the shit! They were one of the best cover bands back in the day. Then came Do’er Young where John met Wendy. They were a 3 piece that played mostly small venues but pack a big sound. John also owned and operated a drum shop back in the 90’s and has influenced many drummers in the Central PA area.
John knew that Wendy was going to be the bomb and contacted Ronnie and Chuck and Syster Overload was born! That was back in the beginning of 2004 so as you can see Syster Overload is just a baby and its best is yet to come.
What does JD do outside of Syster Overload? He paints …sometime …. and his second love (or is it his first?) has something to do with Chuck’s favorite word.

“John…I think you’re the cutest one in the band”… love Shirley!

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