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Chuck's Bio
Drums - Guitars - Vocals

Chuck Feaser is the backbone, the core, the beat of SysterOverload. Not only on stage but off stage as well. Let’s face it, without Chuck this train runs out of gas! Most drummers are crazed nuts and Chuck built that mold……believe it!
Chuck’s drumming skills were born in the 80’s bad big hair band days. He still has the hair but thank god not the bad big thang. Chuck has always been around drums. After gigging in the 80’s Chuck toured with Aura during the 90’s as John’s drum tech. I think he actually beat the cans more than John did. He spent countless days in the basement with the volume at 10 learning tune after tune after tune. All the while the neighbors in Annville (he lives in Cleona) yelled ‘turn it down’! Yea….Chuck invented 11 on the 1-10 volume control! In addition to drums Chuck also plays guitar. He hadn’t played much guitar before SysterOverload but when Wendy and the boys asked him to “strap one on” he stepped up. But that’s Chuck, you ask…..he does! What are Chuck’s musical influences you ask? Check out his 500-600 CD collection. It truly is A-Z.
When not drumming Chuck is the “Tattoo King” of Central Pennsylvania. Most people around here don’t ask “who tattooed ya?” but “when? and what shop was he in?”. His work speaks for itself. His tattoos are “Fatty Bangin”!!
When the lights go down and the smoke clears (Thanks Muzz!) Chuck is a loving family man. His significant other is Deann and his 2 children are Jarrett and Jerika. Deann is at every gig supporting the band and little Jerika wears her “SysterOverload” or “I’m with the Band” tee shirts with pride! Jarrett one day wants to design and run a light show for the band.
If you don’t know Chuck Feaser you should! He is a genuine, big hearted human being that has time for everyone. And laugh…..if drums and tattoos suddenly disappeared this man would be doing stand up! The next time you see Chuck ask him what his favorite word is.

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