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Here are a few comments from reviews from musicians around the world about Shift Seven's "1.5 Days":

Whoa!...I heard the song three times before i wrote a word here. I don’t think this song needs a review, i think these guys need a record deal soon.
- Aniket Bandekar of Psychacid from Hyderabad, India

Queens of the Stone Age and ZZ Top come to my mind immediately. The drums provide a great beat to the song. The riff is similar to Thin Lizzy and gives a great Classic Rock melody to the song, not unlike some of Led Zepplin's material. They are also similar to Chris Rea.
- Kevin Reynolds of Deetour from from Funshaughlin, Ireland

Very cool feel to this one, with a very southern boogie & blues feel. Think Skynyrd, Gary Moore, Stevie Ray Vaughan.
Probably a killer played live.
- John Sampson of
Chuzzlewit from London, United Kingdom

Heard it before but thats ok. ZZ top baby!! good groove. singer serves the style of the song well. I like yous guys. Somebody pick up a juice box!!
- Bill Elrod Band from Aberdeen, Washington

Classic rock with a slice of blues topping a regular riff that made me rock in my chair whilst wishing i was at a bar playing pool with this as my soundtrack.
- Kevin Colby of
Ashburner from Durban, Kwa-Zulu Natal, South Africa

Good Southern Rock tune. Like the vocals, the mix fits together and is very tight, good guitar tones, like ZZ top. Just a good rip snortin, whiskey drinking tune. Good Job!
- Stepping on Mars from Brandon, Manitoba, Canada

Great guitar tones here...very tasty! Love the lead guitar work. Solid vocal effort as well...great ----
- Josh Emry of Silent Page from St. Louis, Missouri

I dig the instrumentation, a retro feel but also modern at the same time. Guitars are very clean, nice riffs. Strong vocals.
- Wayne Kessler of Lone Shark from Morganville

Some real sweet guitar work,nice vocals and real smooth performance resulting in a great sounding song.
- Tim Woodring of Flat Mountain Dew Daddies
from Guthrie, Oklahoma

You can tell these guys care for what they're doing. If I were in a bar, I'd turn to watch the band. Sounds tight; nice guitar, nice vocals sung with good feel. Nice harmonies.
- Pries Tunes from Chicago, Illinois

Yeah...solid guitar licks, organ, bass and drums and groovy voice are melting together and giving a good performance. Nobody wants to much in here...and that makes this track strong and rich... this band makes music...
- Andreas Ceska Band from Vienna, Austria

Guitarist plays with feeling, not just a bevy of notes, to his credit. This band can play!
- Dennis Lore Band from Upstate, New York

Sounds like a blues rock/hard rock song from the 70's. Reminds of bands like AC/DC and a little like Stevie Ray Vaughn.
- Mason Perry from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

Blues Rock Defined. Very bluesy and well crafted.
- Patrick Maurer of Underground Press from Virginia Beach, Virginia

This reminds of the first Coverdale LP's. NIce mood goin' on.  Nice guitar work too!
- Gilles Peynet of The Burn Bros’ from Cogolin, France

I think the entire band is super tight and does an excellent job. This would be a killer live. I think the vocals are awesome, smoky and emotional! The lead guitar kicks as, great tone great playing. The licks are tight and play with great intensity.
- Dan Rushton of Joe "Mama" Besser Band from Spring Hill, Florida

I love this recording. There is real talent evident here, and the vocals are perfectly whiskey torn and gritty, but still enough softness to carry the tune through.
- Ivan Kovax of We Are The Radio from Tokyo, Japan

Smooth and laid bare played with a tenderness of a pro. Love the style of the vocal feels real and true. Cool Honey
- Kat Speel Band from Brisbane, Australia

Kenny Wayne Sounding. I like the rhythm work behind the lead. Don't hear that much anymore. The vocals are very nice.Vocalist tends to sound like Savoy Brows vocalist at times.
- Ryan Achata from Harrison, Tennessee

Superior guitar playing ...  ZZ Top meets Stevie Ray. Nice tone.
- Crazy Rick Rice from Grand Isle, Vermont

Awesome friggen groove...loved the vocal... this is an awesome tune.. good production, tight and together vibe and great back up...really good song guys!
- Dean Richards from Vancouver, Canada

Opening groove so funky it stank for a week in my room! Vocals are so nasty I couldn't let my little girl listen. Come on this groove kills. No minors please this is grown up music here! 21 and over and it is time to taste the pleasure of the maturation of a guitar player throwing licks out that are so tasty you will be liking your chops for weeks. Give us some more please!
- The David Samuel Project
from Portland, Oregon

We got a very bluesy rock song hear that I really enjoyed listening to. To me it sounds like Jeff Healy hooked up with Whitesnake...  ripping lead guitar and mean dirty guitar tones. The structure and melody also add the classic rock feel to the blues foundation, keeping in mind a pop sensibility.
- Brian J Ballard of The Reckless Abandoned
from Los Angeles, California

This band reminds me of the Arc Angels....
- The SOME x 6 Band from Port Coquitlam, British Columbia, Canada

Guitarist is obviously incredibly talented, the singer meshes with the band really well, keep up the good work.
- Ty Kohl of Friends of the Foe from Canada

Jimmy Would Be Proud! Power Trio's Love'em. Great job all the way around.
- Mark Jones of Robbie Ducey Band from Martinez, Georgia

The Vocals are a fine blend of Contemporary Alternative Music and Classic Punk.... ala Lenny Kravitz style.
- Ash Kewl of Yohaku
from Mumbai, Jakarta, Maharashtra, India

Kind of like a heavy Hendrix.
- ERIC LAZAR of LIGHTNINGHAND from Sacramento, California

Yep I Love it. Great Gritty Raw and Just an Awesome Band .. Tight and Hot what more could I ask for .. You Deliver Boys .. Hell Yeah ...
- Kat_Speel from Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

Drummer sounds like Bonzo...