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Shift Seven is a tight power rock trio from Central PA. They have been together in one form or another for more than a decade. The constant has been Terry Gayhart and Keith Myers. When Rich Boltz took over the percussion section, the band really jelled and the new studio release is testament to the magic of finding the right collaborators. The sound is blues rock based in the vein of Black Crows, Led Zepplin and Hendrix or as one review said, "Phish with more balls..." One unique thing about Shift Seven is how the sound and song writing changes with each tune due to the habit of Terry and Keith sharing the guitar, bass and lead vocal duties. All three have their own take on song writing. It's like having four bands in one. It's like the Beatles... without the screaming girls... or gobs of money and fame.. or British accent... and with one less member. It's all ROCK but with many, many sub-genres. The guys go where ever the song takes them and it all sounds like the inside of their heads.

"We hope more venues for homemade sounds become available and that we are part of that process. Music is meant to be shared with friends. Live is the best way to capture the band andlook forward to performing for you, the fans, once again."
---- S7

All songs and lyrics are by various members of Shift Seven (except for r favorite covers).

Shift Seven is:
Terry Gayhart (Bass, Guitar, Vocals)
Keith Myers
(Bass, Guitar, Vocals)

Rick Boltz
(Drums, Vocals, Percussion)

Buy the new studio release "1.5 Days" by Shift Seven NOW at!
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"We just completed a studio project at Saturation Acres. Bret Alexander of the Badlees recorded and mixed the disk. We recorded 14 tunes in 1 1/2 days! We had a blast, very laid-back atmosphere. Bret also was gracious enough to play B3 organ on two tracks. If you are interested in a disk, click the link above."

Check out the article on the band in June's issue of FLY Magazine



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