PHONE: (717) 865-0903

Shift Seven is a guitar-riff driven rock trio from Jonestown performing in the Central Pa area. Think of them as the love child of group sex between Led Zepplin, ZZTop, Hendrix, Grand Funk, Mountain, Budgie, Cream and any other ass kicking trio from the 70’s here to bring a new twist to the style of music they love. The guys are seasoned pros and have been writing and recording together for years. They just finished their second studio album "Love Lust" for Bofa Dees Records and it will be pressed soon. Bret Alexander of the Badlees was the engineer and performed on the album. Shift Seven has rocked Hershey Park, The Kapona Festival, Dirt Rag's Dirt Fest and many,many clubs/bars in the area over the years. Recently they tied with Diesel Church in the PAonline Battle of the Bands.

What you get is a high energy rock show by competent musicians. Shift Seven is not a cover band even though they do some covers for their own enjoyment…

Terry Gayhart is one of the founding members whose expertise is well rounded in guitar, bass and vocals. The joy that he puts into his voice and fingers is apparent. His writing ability is the foundation upon which the band depends. The voice of his guitar is recognizable immediately. It flows from him naturally. His patience and experience is priceless. Some of his influences include Tommy Boland, Joe Walsh, Jimmy Paige and Robin Trower. His flexibility in this trio is essential.

Keith Myers has a smoky voice that is full of emotion. To help convey the mood of each piece, his tone changes from smooth to full bore madness, the guitar follows suit. His niche is writing hooks and groves with the other members. With Terry, he belts out two part harmonies that are on the mark. His muses include Jimi Hendrix, Eric Claption and Jimmy Paige. Keith is also one of the founding members of this group and is content to see how this seed has grown into an out of control raging weed in the garden of the status quo.

Rick Boltz came to Shift Seven with with serious skills and dedication to the song. He doesn't just keep time, he plays the song like he is singing with his sticks. In the studio he is a one-take monster and the main reason Shift Seven was able to name the new CD "1.5 Days". That is all the time it took to lay down the tracks. He maps out the soundtrack in his head flawlessly. Every part he writes compliments the changing platform for the rest of the band. Rick's lyrics, melody ideas and insight build song blueprints well above the role of the traditional percussionist. His chops are reminiscent of Ginger Baker, Mitch Mitchell and John Bonham

But hey... don't take my word for it. Check out the "Reviews From Around The World" for Shift Seven or just listen to the songs... you'll see.